Scientific ZOOM Conference MMTES III-2020

Volgograd, Russian Federation

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Mathematical Modeling

of Technical and Economic Systems in Agriculture III

(MMTES III-2020)

Keynote Speakers

Bayboboev Nabizhon .G

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof., Namangan Engineering and Technology Institute, Republic of Uzbekistan

Masliaeva Inna

Prof., Urban Ecology, Germany

Natalukha Igor A.

Prof.,North Caucasus Federal University, Russian Federation

Shokhnekh Anna V.

Prof., Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University, Russian Federation

Ahmedov Askar D.

Lebed Nikita I.

Prof.,Federal research center of Agroecology Russian Academy of Science, Russian Federation





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01 March 2021

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01 March 2021

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 01 March 2021

лого MMTES III.jpg


Mathematical modeling of technical and economic systems in agriculture (MMTES III-2020) will be held at the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Informatics uzing Zoom communication platform with the assistance of "Center of applied scientific research", Volgograd, Russian Federation on 10-11 Dec 2020.

Main topics:

1. Mathematical modeling of socio-technical and organizational-economic systems.

2.   Modeling of natural-technical and agro-ecological processes.

3. Artificial intelligence and neural network technologies in agricultural production.

4. Modeling of innovative and technological processes in agricultural engineering.

5. Modeling of reclamation and environmental technologies in agricultural production.

6. Resource and technological support for the production of agricultural products.

7.   Seed production, plant breeding and biotechnology.

8. Innovative technologies in solving economic problems in the agro-industrial complex.

9. Modern electrical technologies, electrical equipment and power supply in rural areas.

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Mathematical modeling of technical and economic systems in agriculture III

(MMTES III-2020)

Volgograd, Russian Federation





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Ave. Universitetsky, 26, Volgograd, Volgograd Region, 400002

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